Тop 5 Latest Trends to look forward in Web Development


There are a total of 200 million active websites present out there, while the combined count of total inactive and active sites will be ten times more than this number. The websites have been making a high impact on the market and businesses are using these websites to establish a strong online presence.

Website development and design trends have been changing since, the inception of the graphical user interface. Nowadays, designers have become quite creative and analytical. They know that website design trend can change according to your industry, nature of business, target audience, etc. But, the ultimate aim to build a website has always been to attract and retain users. The continually changing website design trends have been revolving around these two points only.

Although we pronounce web design and development together, both of them are entirely different things. Along with design, development is also equally responsible for making your website unique and appealing. Below are a few things to consider while building a site from a top web development services provider.

1. Progressive Web Apps

2019 should be the year when the duopoly of iOS and Android will come to an end as many experts believe it to be the year of progressive web apps. As to their impact on the web development trends in 2019, there’re a few factors that lead to believe in their growing popularity

A recent study that was conducted has shown that people spend 85% of their time on mobile apps. Progressive web apps are web pages that appear like mobile applications for users. If they are preloaded on the device then the user can access them even without an internet connection. The users will get the feel of using an application rather than the website. The aim of these Progressive Web Apps is to provide a native-like experience for the users on all platforms.

The future is in the progressive web apps and 2019 might be the year when they are finally fully accepted.

2. ChatBots

Chat bots are AI driven programs that are deployed on websites to improve user interaction, studies from global research firms have shown that websites who adopted chat bots have seen a surge in their revenue which makes it an emerging web development trend of 2019.

The popularity of chatbots has increased a lot these days. These programs are made to interact with people. Some chatbots are crafted to reply to basic questions while others are capable of answering tough questions with ease.

Integrating chatbots with your websites will help in generating more traffic and making the site even more appealing. Chatbots are creating a larger impact than one might expect.

3. Frontend Frameworks

If you’re not using a frontend framework like React, Vue.js, or Angular to help build your projects, then 2019 is a good year to start. Such frameworks come with tools that streamline the tedious aspects of development so that you can focus on optimizing the user experience.

Web developers usually write so many lines of code, but with these frameworks, you don’t need to write redundant and unnecessary code. The best thing about JavaScript frameworks, for example, is their reusability. Developers are able to write a function once and reuse it as many times as required. This saves a lot of time and effort.

4. Acceleration in Page Load Speeds

The number of people who use a smartphone has increased a lot these days. AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) pages is a project of google and twitter which is used to reduce the page load time up to 85% and enhance user experience.

People do not have much of a time to wait for a page to load. They just ditch the page that isn’t loading and open another website. In order to prevent such situations, it is important for developers to get a hold on accelerated mobile pages.

5. Single Page Applications

Unlike multi-page websites that have a menu and numerous pages, one-page websites put all the information into a single page. This way they simplify the website navigation and strip down the information to a necessary minimum.

This is a fast-paced world, and no one really has enough time to go through different pages of a website. Single page applications are nothing but a single page website where everything is provided on one page only.

The logic behind this trend is pretty clear, people don’t like navigating numerous pages, it’s confusing and in most cases, and daunts them with too much information.


These future web development trends will help your website to stand out from your competitors. You will be able to satisfy the expectations of users by implementing these latest web development trends into your web application.

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