Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

QA gives confidence that the product meets the expectations of users and business objectives.

  • We provide quality at the product, code and release levels
  • 5 programming languages ​​and 40 testing tools: we select technologies based on system features
  • 85% of QA specialists are ISTQB certified
  • We build communication processes between the parties of product development and implementation

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Creating QA center for IT product development

Developing a product from idea to implementation, we involve a team of quality assurance specialists.

Automating quality assurance processes

We save time for routine operations, i.e., testing takes place 15-20 times faster than in manual mode.

Improving the quality of existing product

We measure the quality of the product, such as usability, reliability, recovery, load and provide a list of improvements for your team.

Building internal processes

The work process becomes transparent for all participants, the quality of the product improves.

Popular misconceptions

Reducing the time to market and releasing new features thanks to continuous deployment


“We don’t need testing, we will check everything ourselves”

The quality assurance service is for you, if you want your IT product to be popular and in demand with users and bring profit at the same time.

“Our product is tested by users”

It is worth remembering that there is only one chance to be on top. If an unverified product gets to users and they get disappointed, they are unlikely to use it again. In addition, the reputation of the manufacturer may suffer. We recommend that you thoroughly test before the release.

“Why do we need testing? Do your developers write bad code?”

QA engineers check the consistency of requirements and implemented functionality, logic and usability. Testing by developers is carried out at the code level, in other cases it is less effective.

“We have our own testers”

This is good, but there is one big advantage of developers and testers working closely and it is saving time on development in general, because the team works at the same pace, with similar priorities, as one.

Ways of providing quality

  • Studying product requirements and technical specification
  • Selecting suitable testing tools. Here we also prepare the test documentation
  • Writing test cases for the developed features based on provided requirements
  • Conducting functional and non-functional testing, performing API and database testing
  • Writing automated tests (for automated testing)
  • Setting up the start of automated tests for CI (for automated testing)
  • Preparing test documentation at the end of the development stage or after the full launch of the product
  • Immersing deeply in the subject area and building the testing process - the introduction of the testing phase in the development process

What you get

IT-product that meets business objectives

Confidence that the product is working correctly 24/7

Test documentation that helps to prevent issues

The opportunity to develop IT-systems

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